The Foil label is continually evolving in a search for easy, wearable clothing. Foil is a Women’s fashion range designed and developed in New Zealand with inspiration from across the globe. The design is always mindful of comfort and style, clothes that will earn their place in your wardrobe!

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modern and dynamic brand, both designed and produced

in Poland.

With beautiful style and handcrafted quality, a small

but striking collection for a modern and

dynamic lady.

Unique hand designed prints setting this label apart from all other labels, showcasing the latest design trends, and true quality and attention to detail in every garment. This combination of exquisite print and the Orientique shape makes every Orientique garment something unique. 

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Oopéra raincoats are made for ladies who want a practical coat which shields them from the rain, but also need it to be fun, easy and fashionable. Unique prints and reversibility makes Oopéra a staple in anyone’s wardrobe.

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“Focus” from the USA. A Beautiful collection of stylish and comfortable clothing, all natural fibres and a big focus on linens and cottons for summer.

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